Wow. Y’all Like Keychains

Just wanted to take a minute to thank y’all for supporting my little homemade keychain business.  MAN ALIVE.  I’ve been sewing like a maniac.  Everything is sold out except for a few more aqua paisley and red paisley.  I’m working on some new fabrics for next week but in the meantime I had to give you a sneak peek of what I did today.  Oh my, I’m obsessed with it.

If you want him, come and claim him.  (Name that obscure LOTR reference, anyone?)

I’ve added the Georgia chain to the Paypal order options on the left.  Please note the SEC chains will be $12 rather than $10 because the supplies are $$$$.   I will be adding Alabama next week when I find a couple more things to make it awesome.  And sorry, Auburn fans, so far no luck on finding your school but I’m closing in on ribbon I’ve been told about.

Alrighty then, that’s it for today. Off to watch Sawyer play in Spring jamboree.  Yay football!