Number Next

When last we visited my family was in the throes of basketball season.  We’ve just wrapped that up with Elijah finishing his year with the 9th Grade team and Sydney going to the Area Championship game with her 4th Grade Team.  Even though they didn’t come away with the win, she scored!  A point!  I was so proud of her and her darling team mates who worked so hard this season.  So proud I’m not even going to rant about what should have been a three day Area Tournament being scheduled over an entire month because there is someone somewhere who greatly enjoys sitting on hard bleachers and eating Cheez Its for supper.

Here’s Syd lining up to take her famous shot.  And by the way, this is the same hair look she tries to get away with wearing every single day to school.  It’s just not fair that I finally got my girl and she would rather wear Under Armour than Justice.  I’ve made an agreement with her she can dress like she just rolled fresh from a locker room 1-2 days per week dependent solely upon my mood (i.e., whether or not I feel like arguing about it) but otherwise she will look like a girl if it kills us both.


Look at that form! That air!  She gets it from watching Luke preach.


Here is where I must mention these photos are not my own but those of a photographer (Thanks Priceless Photography!) who shared them with us on Facebook. I have scads of pictures of my own but they are still safely tucked away on the camera card in my camera which Elijah has commandeered to make a film short with 7 or 19 of his closest friends.  It stars a dinosaur, a Sasquatch-like rabbit, and may or may not involve a staged break-in of my home or at the very least a Harlem Shake.  Wise Lisa wants to take my camera back and homeschool.  But the Other Lisa – the one I defer to most –  makes the kids lots of snacks and locks herself in her room until the director yells, “Cut!”

Production resumes Thursday.

Suddenly Cheez Its and bleachers don’t sound so terrible any more.