Riding the Storm Out

I am piled up on the sofa under more than one blanket while the Great Winter Storm of 2014 continues outside. Luke just walked out to measure the snow and howled at the moon because CABIN FEVER.  Really, he’s hoping our neighbors heard it and rushed to the window to see what mysterious creature made such a horrifying sound.  Calm down, y’all.  I know these are frightening times but tonight, it’s just your pastor.

Yesterday was really the better play day because the snow was just the right kind for building.  For the kids anyway.  It was just right for me to try to get a couple of pictures of them because who knows the next time the South will be in the center of the Polar Vortex?

This is my nephew, Jake.  He’s hanging out with us a few months until his sis, Shelby, gets back from St. Jude.  His assignment for the day was to back away from the Playstation and build himself something from that cold white stuff on the ground.


He worked and worked.  And worked some more.  We decided unanimously he had built a seagull.  Could it be more awesome?  (Dear Children’s Services,  at one point I promise he was wearing gloves.)


The other guys weren’t as thrilled that I had a camera lens stuck in their face.



“Mom!”  And then he rushed me.


Come at me, bro.


I asked Sam to hug his sister for a picture.  Rather, he tackled her.  He is no snow angel.


Sydney, in happier times.


We bought her a Snowman Kit for Christmas never dreaming she would have the chance to use it which explains the perfect, though deceptive, carrot nose.  It is plastic.  Her snowman had a little work done. (Where are your gloves?!)


And lo, there was a snowman out in the field, keeping watch over the house by night.


 I’m leaving this guy on guard because I have to admit my Freak Out Level has been elevated with all the apocalyptic weather warnings just on the heels of the interstate icy-road disasters in larger southern cities.  Tell me the power may go out and my mind goes straight to anarchy and zombies and how if we were Amish we wouldn’t worry about living with no power and is there really an Amish Mafia?  Something tells me Lebanon Levi doesn’t stand a chance in World War Z. (In fact, Luke and I discussed today that even I could probably beat him up.)  And then there’s food.  How long will my pantry last with a house full of teenagers?  Sam can hunt and fish but we only have one box of ammo.  We’d be good for a little while but then what? THEN WHAT?

See. Freak Out.

This is why I’m glad to have a husband who howls at the moon.

Pretty sure no zombie would mess with that.