April 7th, 2014 is the 24th anniversary of the day Luke and I said, “I do.”  It is just ridiculous to believe that many years have passed considering he and I had just started dating as his parents were about to celebrate their own 25th year together.  So basically, they were the age we are now as they planned a party to celebrate what seemed an impossible milestone in a life together.  And yet, here we sit on opposite sofas in a home God gave us enjoying the simplicity of Sunday’s postlude after serving a church that was no where on our radar when we walked the red-carpeted aisle and promised each other our forever’s.

The marriage that began in unchartered waters now has the safety of much exploration.  Because of this there are some things I can now count on as known points on the map.  Our lives are rich with friends but if that were not the case and every person on this earth failed me, this one would not.  Luke is steady.  To some a certain amount of predictability may translate “boring”. To me it spells faithful, trustworthy, and true.  Aside from God, this man is north to me when I feel confused, lost, and vulnerable.  He is an amazing father who teaches me daily what it looks like to be a student of our children and to learn their ways so we can love them and connect best to their unique personalities.  He is a selfless pastor whose mind is on the people he serves day and night.  He is a friend to the friendless and takes the time to see straight into the hearts of people who stopped believing long ago they deserved to have anyone care that deeply.

I am one of those people.

I do not know what I did to merit a love like that.  The more I think of it, my marriage is grace.  God knew what I needed, who I needed, and gave him to me as protector, provider, and friend.  I am humbled for the privilege of being a helpmate to him.

I love you, Luke McKay.  Here’s to 24 more.

(And maybe one of these years we will get to make that trip out Route 66.  Or Jerusalem.  Surprise me.)