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Wow. My last post was heavy, huh? Didn’t mean for it to be. Sometimes I just have to purge the fire in my bones and when I read it later I wonder what I was thinking. I hope you heard my heart and that you know it bleeds for you. I’m really not an angry, snot-slingin‘, maniac though in print you may feel the need to wipe off the screen. I guess what I’m trying to do here is make up to you if I came across belligerent. I’m not sorry for what I wrote because I was compelled. I’m just sorry if it came across harsh because you couldn’t see the concern that motivated it. (Nobody has communicated this by the way…it’s my own tendency-to-second-guess-myself speaking here. And I’m not fishing for reassurance either. Just doin’ some truth tellin’.) To make myself feel better, I’ll just claim Luke’s verse that he preached Sunday morning and say it is because I am jealous for God’s people, his women specifically, that I get all bent out of shape. I just can’t stand to see you (or myself) a compliant victim.

Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” just popped in my head. That couldn’t have been from Jesus.

Anyway, I really intended to lighten the mood by making you a little video clip as a reminder for our Spectacular Sin Book Club beginning on Monday, but the truth is my hair isn’t cute today and why would a girl video herself with a less than acceptable ‘do?

Anyway, what I was going to tell you is REMEMBER OUR BOOK CLUB STARTS MONDAY! If you are participating, have your Introduction read. If you aren’t playing along, please read anyway. I think you will still be able to gain from the conversation. Missy and I talked on the phone this past week (while she was on the way to Beth’s Houston Bible Study – I’m so trying to get over my envy) and I can tell you we are equally thrilled and equally unsure the best way to present this material. I think we have a great game plan: We’ll alternate leading weekly discussions and determine what we are going to do next by attempting to outdo the previous week. HA! I’m SO KIDDING! Just messing about the typical way we females do things – in comparison with one another instead of going to God on a thing. That’s a total rabbit – let’s not chase it.

In all seriousness, I love that crazy Missy and can’t wait to team up with her to dig into some meaty doctrine. My prayer is that we’ll serve it up hot and that you will throw aside any tendencies toward theological vegetarianism. I have no idea what the heck I just said but it came to mind so there ya go.

In other loose ends, I’m about to determine the winner of the John Piper Conference tickets a day late. I’ll have the winners posted Saturday. Can’t wait to see who gets to travel to Minnesota to hear all the fabulousness!

GAH! I just deleted my signature again!

‘Spectacular Sins’ Book Club Info and Roll Call

The Holidays have come and gone and as promised, it’s time to get started on our Spectacular Sins Book Club!

Before I give the particulars, I have to tell you I am so excited to co-host this little exploit with my dear friend Missy at It’s Almost Naptime. I appreciate her insight, her love for God’s Word, and her flat out funniness. I hope together we can facilitate a meaningful discussion on this all important topic of God’s sovereignty over every last detail of our lives.

I don’t want to jump ahead but I must share with you a paragraph from the Introduction to flavor of our considerations of this book. While speaking of the ‘Success of Sin in the Providence of God’ (p. 17) the author, John Piper, says:

“My aim is to show that sin and evil, no matter how spectacular, never nullify the decisive, Christ-exalting purposes of God. No, my aim is more than that. These spectacular sins do not just fail to nullify God’s purpose to glorify Christ, they succeed, by God’s unfathomable providence, in making his gracious purpose to come to pass. This truth is the steel God offers to put into the spine of his people as they face the worst calamities. There will be tenderness in due time. But if the back of our faith is broken because we think God is evil or absent, who will welcome Him when He comes with caresses?” {final emphasis mine}

Above all things, we must be thoroughly persuaded God is guarding his glory and our souls even when it feels like He’s killing us – or allowing us to be killed. That truth is indeed the bedrock of how we process every evil that comes against us. If we are the display of God’s glory, then we have the power to choose to whom we’ll ascribe it. Will we allow it to be squelched by the darkness that so desperately wants to snuff it out or will we magnify it in the brilliance that is Christ?

Okay, I’m not going to get started but that’s just a tiny taste of the awesomeness in this book! Moving on, here’s how we are going to proceed:

1. The Book Club will begin on Monday, January 19th and will continue each Monday until we are done.

2. You can still order a copy of the book in my left sidebar. Have the Introduction read by the time we meet on January 19th. Don’t skip it! It’s as rich as the chapters!

3. Missy and I will be alternating as hosts of the discussion. This blog will be home base so there won’t be any confusion about where to go and when. We will be doing some video, maybe some live chat. When we figure it out you’ll be the first to know.

4. There are still other details to be worked out but I’ll have those ready come time for the Intro. In the meantime if you have any questions, please ask them in the comments.


Let’s do a Roll Call. If you are planning to participate, please leave a comment with your name and state. This will give us a basic idea of the size group and help us determine how to style the discussion (i.e. in comments only or asking you to write your own post, etc.) Most importantly, I want to know your sweet names so we can build some community!

Okay, so that’s it for now. Yay! Let’s do this!

Spectacular Sin Winners

The title of this post cracks me up a little. Congratulations! You’ve just won some spectacular sin! Aren’t you thrilled?

Now I have to tell you that I did not use random number generator because frankly, I hate counting. The winners were chosen by the very scientific method of closing my eyes, scrolling up and down the screen and having one of my kids point at names. I can promise you that’s about as random as a person could ever get. Here are the winners:

Inga (Tammy) @ Grateful in Ga

Kelly @ Love Well
Georgia Jan @ Gran Jan’s Joy
NYC @ Venti Skim Latte
Rhonda B @ Rocky Mtn. Region Church of God
Congratulations to all of you! Please contact me with your mailing address and I’ll get these out next week. If you don’t mind, please put “Spectacular Sin Giveaway” in the subject line so I won’t miss your note.
For those of you who still need a copy, you can use the link in my left sidebar to order a copy from Amazon. Those are the cheapest I found at $10.87.
Stay tuned for more details about the book club! We won’t begin discussions until after the first of the year but it will be great if you can read the entire book through before then. I promise, it will take more than once but since it’s only about 100 pages, that’s no biggie – right? Right?
I’m so excited for us camp out in some weighty doctrine! (Don’t worry. I’m going to get some smart people to help me.)
Jesus Nerds unite!

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