Handcrafted Key Chains

Since the last story I told you began “once upon a time”, let’s continue the trend with another.  I promise this one won’t be nearly as cathartic.

Once upon a time I was very crafty.  If you have only just met me in the last 10 years you will be amazed to know that I used to sew and even bake fresh breads on a regular basis.  Something about living the life of ministry and birthing four babies who all play sports effectively did away with any free time I had to do such things.  I packed away my sewing machine during one of our moves and there it has remained in the corner of the attic along with my inner-Martha for all these years.

A couple of weekends ago I had the joy of teaching at a retreat hosted by the women of Hull’s Grove Baptist in North Carolina.  It was hands down one of the best organized, coordinated, and thoughtful events I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of.  Someone asked me why it stood out and I would have to say the attention to every detail.  It was spa-themed and so the staff ministry wives raided Pinterest and hand-made several gifts and favors that were both inexpensive and needful.  There were four teaching sessions and before each one the girls would bless the attendees with another “gift” at their table before they arrived.  Loved it and I love them.

The retreat even included a “craft” which intrigued me because I’ve not seen that in a very long time.  I envisioned painting clay pot pilgrims or something of the like.  But no, once again the girls came up with an adorable necklace from Pinterest that I’m completely in love with.  And yes, I even used to make jewelry so to say this little retreat awakened the craft bug in me is an understatement.

Before I left, one of my new friends blessed me with a fabric keychain she had made from webbing and ribbon.  One of the teaching points for the weekend suggested that a woman who is Living the Good Life is easily satisfied when she is first delighted by God.  In other words, it doesn’t take much.  I have been absolutely obsessed with my keychain for it’s practicality, the scripture reference, and the heart of the darlin’ woman who made it.  It truly is the little things, girls.

That parting gift just did it for me.  I was coming home and getting my sewing machine back out if it killed me.  I dug into the far recesses of the attic, set it up, bought a few supplies and have been on a keychain-making binge.  And then it occurred to me that a little cottage industry would be a nice way to make some extra money for the summer when “work” is slim and the kids are home eating and eating and eating some more.  Anyone who ever complained about the cost of school lunches never had to feed my four when they are home 24 hours a day. School is cheaper.  Much, much cheaper.

With that said, I have keychains for sale!  Here is what is currently available…


 The Aqua Paisley and Red Paisley are coordinating fabrics.  Each of these keychains is backed with the other.




This chain is ribbon with a webbed backing.  Hey all you Hornet fans, these colors are for you!


 Sydney loves all things owl so couldn’t resist this one.  It is also ribbon with a webbed backing.


I don’t know if toile is still “in” but I will always love it.  This chain is made from 2 fabrics and is backed with black/white gingham.


Each keychain is approximately 6″ long and slips easily over the wrist. This has literally changed my life when I’m lugging things around at the ballfield or trying to wrangle groceries into the car.

If you would like to purchase, you can do so easily through Paypal. Simply use the secure order form in the right sidebar. There is a drop down menu to make your fabric choice. All are $10 with $1 added for S&H.

Also, if you have colors, etc. you would like to see let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with. I’m currently on the hunt for SEC school ribbon to get ready for football season.   And of course, if you order anything at all, I will be ever so grateful!


Questions?  Leave a comment or email me through the contact page.  Also, if you do order please leave a comment so I can be certain the order notification is working correctly through the PayPal site.

Y’all are awesome.