The Masterpiece

UPDATE: CAN Y’ALL BELIEVE WE DIDN’T EVEN PLACE IN THE CONTEST? I’m not sure how offended I am or if I should just be glad we didn’t place worst of the best. I really don’t want to know if we were 4th. Best of the worst doesn’t sound so great either.

Wendy, I smell foul play.

I’m going to go pout now.

I know y’all have been refreshing my page all day today ’cause you just couldn’t wait to see what the Homecoming Door looked like. Behold, the work of art.

What can not be done justice in the photo is the shiny brilliance of the gold glitter. It was an inspired move on my part even if I do say so myself. Luke agreed it looked fab even if he does look like Liberace on steroids. I personally think our guy is a rockstar.

Full view. My friend Wendy is the mastermind behind the door. She took pictures of all the kids in class with scared faces. The text says, “Did someone say Tigers? Never fear, The Hornets are here!” The expressions of the kids are downright hilarious.

The Girl couldn’t wait until Friday to wear her Homecoming get-up. Just realized I went through the trouble of blacking out our town name and yet told you who our mascot is. Oh well. I figure if y’all want to know where I live you’ve figured it out by now.

The Girl in front of her door. She is so proud that her daddy (YES MY DADDY DID THAT AND HE EVEN HELPED WITH THE GLITTER!) drew the picture.

And I am too. Thanks for bailing me out, honey.


On Friday, the elementary will be having a wagon parade (think Radio Flyer) which thankfully, I’m not in charge of making. The classes pull their wagon down the hallway and are judged at the end.

What do you girls do during Homecoming? Do you have any cute ideas to tell us about? I need to stock up for next year but I’m thinking there are many of you who may need some themes for your own class projects. Share away!

We’ve Got Spirit! Yes We Do!

This is Homecoming Week at school and I’ve been recruited to help decorate The Girl’s classroom door. My first plan was to get Eldest to draw a picture that would represent our football player and the other team’s demoralized mascot but soon realized between football practice and homework there would be no way he could get the job done.
So I did what I always do in situations where I’ve over committed myself. I cried out to one I knew could help me.

(The wonderful husband gene in him can’t resist the annoying, whiny, pleading tone of my desperation.)

And y’all, all I can say is that Luke is a stinkin‘ Genius.
He took our Homecoming t-shirts, made a copy at the church, made a transparency of the copy, borrowed an overhead projector from the school, blew up the transparency, and then traced the entire figure onto poster board. And finally, last night he and I colored like school children for two hours.
It was truly fun.

I’m not kidding.

So this is what we have so far. Today, I am going to gold glitter the jersey and gloves of the player and then try to cut it out without massacring the entire thing. The boys protested loudly over our football player having glitter but I think it will give him some pop and make the door stand out. And besides, it’s Kindergarten, people! They love glitter!

Okay, so I’m off to work…I’ll show you the finished door when we get done today!


Pardon Me While I Freak

Do you ever have times when you look at the next couple of days on your calendar and have a panic attack over all the stuff that somehow has to be accomplished at your hand?

* We begin Bible Release Time tomorrow. This is the program our church hosts which allows children from Grades 2-6 to attend Bible Classes one day per week. I teach those classes and tomorrow is the kick off. I’m typing this post as I wait for the copier to print worksheets for the kids.

* We have AWANA kick-off tonight. I just finished printing registration sheets in anticipation for a bigger than ever club year. Praying we have plenty of food. Not looking forward to cooking 160 weenies. Blech.

* The Girl is having a sleep over Friday night for her birthday. You may find it amusing that I’ve planned to do an at home version of a Libby Lou party for her friends. We pulled out all of Girl’s makeup today to see what kind of supplies we had and somehow I’ve ended up with glitter all over my face. Didn’t know it until I got to church so I’m wondering what our darlin’ church people will think their PW has been up to on the side.

I thought typing it all out would help with the hyperventilating that is going on over here.

It didn’t work.

I’m taking Donna’s advice and resorting to some prayer. Amazing how that can be the last thing we think of when it should have been first, huh?

*Breathing deeply*

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