We’ve Got Spirit! Yes We Do!

This is Homecoming Week at school and I’ve been recruited to help decorate The Girl’s classroom door. My first plan was to get Eldest to draw a picture that would represent our football player and the other team’s demoralized mascot but soon realized between football practice and homework there would be no way he could get the job done.
So I did what I always do in situations where I’ve over committed myself. I cried out to one I knew could help me.

(The wonderful husband gene in him can’t resist the annoying, whiny, pleading tone of my desperation.)

And y’all, all I can say is that Luke is a stinkin‘ Genius.
He took our Homecoming t-shirts, made a copy at the church, made a transparency of the copy, borrowed an overhead projector from the school, blew up the transparency, and then traced the entire figure onto poster board. And finally, last night he and I colored like school children for two hours.
It was truly fun.

I’m not kidding.

So this is what we have so far. Today, I am going to gold glitter the jersey and gloves of the player and then try to cut it out without massacring the entire thing. The boys protested loudly over our football player having glitter but I think it will give him some pop and make the door stand out. And besides, it’s Kindergarten, people! They love glitter!

Okay, so I’m off to work…I’ll show you the finished door when we get done today!