Sleepover Update

Well, we survived Sleepover 2008.

Oh, I know I’ve teased about hard it would be but these girls have been a delight. We have had an absolute blast. This picture of The Girl should give you just a little taste of the pinkness that went on in the playroom last night. (I have more pictures of all the girls that I will post if I get the parents’ permission!)

And by the way, did y’all know that polo shirts under ball gowns are all the rage this season?

The boys came in from the football game last night and stared into the playroom for a good long minute. After the shock wore off, they said, “The Man Cave has been infected!!”

They plan a large scale fumigation this afternoon.

Hopefully that will take place during my large scale nap.

And yes, I want to ask y’all a question!!

Every year I stress over what to do for my kids’ birthdays. I love looking online to see get party ideas. How about we have a party carnival where you girls can post your ideas or even link to your previous party posts (say that 5 times fast) so we can share each in one another’s brilliance? I’m thinking we could note age and gender in the link making it easier to scroll through to see what applies to our own families.

What do you say? Will you play?

If y’all seem interested I’ll fab up a button and set a date.

I love fun stuff!

p.s. Have y’all noticed I’ve posted THREE TIMES in two days? I KNOW.