I AM Bible Study Welcome and Instructions

Welcome to the ‘I AM – So You Don’t Have To Be’ Blog Bible Study!

I am so thrilled you have chosen to join me as we consider the life of Moses and how God took a broken, unwilling man and transformed him into a deliverer of His beloved people, Israel. There will be 4 areas of study: I AM – Your Beauty, I AM – Your Sufficiency, I AM – Your Fame, I AM – Your Portion. Each of these areas will be broken down into smaller points to fit within the time and space limits of the Blogosphere.

You may have several questions about how this study will be conducted. Here are the details:

1. Who wrote this study?

My name is Lisa McKay. I am a Baptist minister’s wife, mom to four amazing children, and Biblical Studies student. I am also a contributor to Christian Women Online’s Internet Cafe’ Team Blog. I adore studying God’s Word and teaching it to women. I wrote this Bible Study for our church’s recent weekend women’s ministry retreat. It was a four session conference but because of the limitations of time and space, we will break those down further. You can find out more about me on my blog, The Preacher’s Wife.

2. How Does This Study Work?

This study will follow a Meme format and new lessons will be published on Wednesdays at The Preacher’s Wife. There will be approximately 16 lessons in the completed study. A Mr. Linky will be provided so you will have the ability to post responses to the discussion questions on your own blog. Because a Linky will be provided for each Lesson, you needn’t be concerned if you find you have joined some time after the beginning of these postings. Feel free to comment on any lesson at any time since more than likely there will be others who are also studying that same week. Posting on your blog is not a requirement, however I think much more will be gained from the study by sharing insights. You will also have the advantage of re-visiting different lessons to see what new comments may have been left since your own. Remarks can also be placed in the Comments if you do not have a blog or simply do not wish to post your study question answers. Obviously, you are more than welcome to just follow along privately if you prefer.:)

3. How Do I Begin?
Simply click on the Introduction. There will be links from each Lesson to the next or you can simply click on the study button for a complete Table of Contents. Getting back to the Table of Contents will be much easier if you install the button in your sidebar.
There will be Study Questions at the end of each lesson. If you would like to post your answers on your blog, simply install the ‘I AM’ Bible Study Button above in your response post. Be sure when you sign the Linky to link to your ‘I AM’ entry and not your blog homepage so as to make browsing easier for those looking for your study post.

4. Can I use these lessons in my Bible Study or Sunday School? Of course you are welcome to do this and I can not express enough how honored I will be if you choose to use this study in your group. I only ask the lessons remain unaltered and that my name remain on the pages if reproduced in any way. There will be a copyright link on each lesson that will further explain any limitations.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at thepreacherswife1@gmail.com. Again, I praise God for this opportunity to share this material with you in such an innovative, interactive way. The Internet often has a bad rap for its vulgar content. I pray this Study will be a light in a dark place and redeem what little portion of the World Wide Web it inhabits! God marked me forever during the preparation of these lessons. I pray they will accomplish much for His fame in your life as well.


Blessings On You!!