Don’t You Love It?!

I am so excited to ‘unveil’ my new little blog created by Lindsay at Splat Designs. Ya’ll this girl is just awesome. If you are considering a makeover, you simply have to contact her! She’s friendly, creative, inexpensive, and just downright smart. She didn’t know what she was getting in to dealing with my dumb ole self, but she was gracious enough not to let me know I had her ready to run screaming in to the night. :) Thank you again, Lindsay!

Obviously things are still under construction here. I have quite a bit of material to add. For those of you who followed over from WordPress, my previous posts will not transfer so I will add a link here for a while to toggle back and forth if needed.

I just want to say thanks again for hanging out with me! I love being with my old friends and making so many new ones…I hope this little space will encourage you as much as it has me.

Blessings on You!