Works For Me Wednesday

Sweet Southern Lime Tea

The thing I missed most the few times I have been North of the Mason-Dixon was a good ‘ole glass of sweet tea. Don’t ya’ll have sugar up there or do you just prefer colored water with your supper? In my humble opinion, unsweet tea is just a waste of a perfectly good tea bag.

If you’ve never had a proper glass of sweet tea, here is a classic recipe with a lime twist.

You’ll Need:

3 Family Sized Lipton Tea Bags

1 small saucepan of boiling water or a kettle filled up to the nozzle hole on the inside. ( I don’t know how much water that is…It’s just how we measure down here.)

2 1/3 cups of Sugar

2 Fresh Limes

To Prepare:

Bring Water to a boil and add tea bags.

Remove from heat and let cool COMPLETELY. (This is very important. Fresh tea is bitter and just plain nasty. If you must make it more quickly, add a pinch of baking soda to take out the bitter.)

Add tea mixture and sugar in a gallon pitcher. Add water to top of pitcher and mix thoroughly. Chill.

To Serve:

Cut limes – You can either float in the tea if you want a decorative touch or serve lime slices with an individual glass.

I promise this tea will make you famous! :)