A Paradox Wrapped In An Enigma

I will never cease being amazed over the endless creativity of toy manufacturers. 20 Q – the handheld electronic game was the fave at our house over the Christmas season but that is another post. I’ll just go ahead and tell you the thing has to be of the devil because it can read your mind. But, that is a rabbit I won’t chase today.

The most astonishing toy I’ve discovered as of late is Barbie with her Yellow Lab, Tanner. Tanner is no ordinary toy dog mind you…He eats and poops. You got it right girls, a pooping dog for our princesses.

Let me explain how this little beauty works. First, there are magnetic brown nuggets which are either a snack or poo depending on which end of Tanner they are inserted or exerted from. Your baby girl puts the brown nugget into Tanner’s mouth and when she presses on his tail, it exits south. Your lamb then takes Barbie’s pooper scooper which is also magnetic, picks up the poo, and disposes of it in a tiny trash bin. To make this process ever so efficient, the trash bin has a back door which allows the nuggets to drop into Tanner’s food dish where, you guessed it, your punkin then re-feeds the nuggets to the dog.

Now I can just imagine that a man came up with this one because honestly, what woman in her ever-loving right mind would create a new toy for a darling girl that involved any kind of poo? Oh, I know we have the pooping babies but that prepares our girls for a real life experience and hopefully they aren’t refeeding the baby with what comes out of the diaper! Oh yeah, this was totally a man invention.

With all that said, I bought one. We had a birthday party for my little girl’s best buddy. As I led her down the Barbie aisle to pick out a gift she yelled, “Yeah, Yeah, Tanner. Yeah, Yeah, Tanner. I want to get her Barbie and Tanner The Pooping Dog!” I coaxed her towards a more suitable Barbie, oh say one that dances or cheers and does not require hand sanitizer to play with it. She wasn’t having it. So – the more I thought about it and the hilarious relationship I have with Birthday Girl’s Mom – I decided we’d just go for it.

It was the hit of the party. You’ve never seen anything more delightful than 7 little girls squealing over dog poo. Dropping it, picking it up, feeding it to the dog, re-feeding it to the dog. Oh, it was just lovely.

So though I did not intend on this being a product review, I guess in some ways I am recommending that if you want to provide endless hours of wholesome entertainment to a child in your life anytime soon, you won’t be disappointed with Tanner! Just be sure you wash their hands.