Works For Me Wednesday Car Edition

My Mobile Office

I drive a gynormous Suburban and out of it flows the issues of my life. Literally. But one thing that truly works for me is having my bill paying center in the car.
I get very overwhelmed at home with cleaning, projects, etc. and am much too ADHD to complete a task such as checkbook balancing and bill paying at the house. I just can not focus! What I have found to be much more successful is keeping a bill folder in my car along with necessary envelopes, stamps, etc. Once a week or so, I go to Sonic drive in – cuz we love Sonic fruit slushies and they have the best ice in their drinks ever – stick a movie in the dvd player for my daughter (another must have for a vehicle) and write my bills out. I get teased about this but the job gets done start to finish….Should I apologize if it just flat out works for me?! :)
Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer hosts WFMW….Check out her blog for lots of other great ideas!