The Hair Ministry

There is a new hair ministry being formed here and my friend NSpiredByFaith is the founder and CEO. Let me tell ya’ll what she did for me!!! Last night at the ballfield, where I was watching my son Big Daddy playing ball in 42 windy degrees thank you, my friend walks up with not only the name of a good hair straightener, but a sample of her supply! A stinking SAMPLE!! Does a girlfriend get any better than that?? NO She Does Not!!

See I’ve been harping on ya’ll about your “circles of influence” and how you should use your trials to “minister to those hurting around you.” Oh this girl gets it and she has invested into my life indeed. I am being serious when I say this – I have been having a cruddy, stressful week (not just because of my hair) and God used her to give me a Divine Hair Appointment. This is just one fine example of how sometimes it is the little things that make huge differences in one another’s lives. See, I was sure she liked me before, but now I am convinced she loves me because someone who doesn’t love you would just not go through the trouble. They just wouldn’t.

What is the most awesome thing is that I used this stuff this morning and I love it! It is something by Sebastian…I forgot the name but it looks like white lotion.. I’ll find out and let you know for those who are also suffering…And, for you ‘skinny haired girls’, one of my friends who has this issue loves Big Sexy Hair products….just a suggestion because now that I’ve been ministered to, I am just full to overflowing in my desire to help you too..:))

So ya’ll run over and say Hi to NSpiredbyFaith today…Tell her you’ve heard what a good friend she is…She’ll be a good one to you too..:))