The Pied Piper of Pavement

Today I drove to my dad’s house a 30-mile trip away. The highway I take is a scenic road that twists and turns up and over two different mountains. There is a new bridge that has been under construction for some months and recently paving began in the area leading up to it. Today, I had the blessing of sitting in traffic because one side of the road was blocked off so the other could be paved.

That is when I discovered the guy who has the most dumbfounding job I’ve seen lately. His mission, should he choose to accept it, was to lead traffic back and forth all day long for the short 300 yards the right lane of traffic was closed. I guess no one trusted us country crackers to read a sign that said, ‘Right Lane Closed‘ or ‘Stop If You See Someone Coming Head-On In Your Direction.” Nope, this guy just drove to and fro for eight horrible hours making sure we didn’t get on the wrong side of the pylons. The Pied Piper of Pavement. I was insulted.

I’m certain he sat a little taller in his seat, full of pride over his sense of accomplishment at having delivered yet one more group of vehicles a few pylons short of the safe zone. After he gave a wave and turned to lead his next flock, I was then the lead car. Would you like to know what I did with my Moses moment? I got on the wrong side of the stinkin’ pylons. I don’t know how! Oh yes, honey, I almost ran clear off the side of the road – or where the road used to be. But not only I, but the little chickens behind me too – they were thoroughly impressed with my leadership abilities. Guess us southern folks need Mr. Piper after all. We are safer because of him. Or at least you are if I am in front of you. :)

This would preach, but I’ll spare you today….have a great Saturday!!!