The Most Fun Personality Test

I heard about this personality test in a conference I was in recently. Apparently, it is 98% accurate to the enormously long tests that Fortune 500 companies give their new hires. Here is how it works:

Choose One of these Shapes: Square, Rectangle, Circle, Triangle, or Squiggle. You should choose the one that immediately appeals to you. I’m talking 5 seconds here…Don’t overanalyze. Go ahead and give yourself a first favorite and runner-up. One Last Thing – Don’t Look at the Definitions Before You Choose..That is CHEATING!:)

Square – A Square is somebody who feels most comfortable with a stable environment and clear directions on what to do. She is conservative and likes things that are regular and orderly. If given a task she will work on it until it is finished, even if it is repetitious, cumbersome and lonely.

Rectangle – A Rectangle also likes structure and regularity. But she will more establish it with organization, meetings, committees and so forth. This will have to be done the proper way, taking all rules and regulations into consideration. If given a task she will start organizing it to be sure it can be done the most systematic way.

Circle – A Circle is social and communicative. No hard edges. She handles things by talking about them and smoothing things out with everybody. Communication is the first priority, and making sure there is harmony. When given a task she will talk about it.

Triangle – A Triangle is goal oriented. She enjoys planning something out and then doing it. She gets motivated by the accomplishment. She will tend to look at big long-term issues, but might forget the details. When given a task she will set a goal and work on a plan for it.

Squiggle – A Squiggle is off-the-wall and creative. She feels best doing new and different things most of the time and gets bored with regularity. When given a task she will come up with bright ideas about it.

Okay, I am first a Squiggle, then a Circle and might I say this is amazingly accurate. I totally begin well and fizzle at the end when I get bored or too many details overwhelm me…I think that is why I like blogging…totally random stuff…never boring….new things to do all the time. I come by this honestly. Just ask my organic gardening, hoop-house farming, aracauna hen-raising, mushroom growing, bee-keeping, fisherman dad..:)) Love you, Pops!! :))

Play along with me…what are you and was it accurate??!!