The Best Hot Fudge Cake EVER

This recipe is my submission to the blog challenge sponsored by Bonnie, CWO’s monthly columnist for Bonnie’s Kitchen.

The Challenge?

Post a favorite recipe handed down from your mom, and tell us why you like this one so much.

A friend of mine and I had a discussion about Hot Fudge Cake and I assured her this recipe from my momma is the best EVER. Mom’s version of this classic has replaced our traditional birthday cakes and is usually served anytime we have the opportunity to get together for a special occasion. Our family is not one of die-hard cooks (except for my up-and-coming, Paula Deen lovin’ niece, Kayla) but this dessert is a sentimental, easy to prepare favorite.

What you need:
(read the whole recipe through because I didn’t make an ingredient list..Paula Deen I ain’t):

One Devil’s Food Cake Mix (any brand is good) baked according to directions.
Here’s the special part:
One Can of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup
One Can of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
One Stick of REAL Butter
Mix all three of these ingredients in a sauce pan and heat until it’s, you know, HOT.

The magic is in the presentation so do this:

Cut the cake in squares and then cut a piece in half horizontally so as to have a top and bottom piece.
Drizzle some of the sauce on your plate first….All Emeril-like.
Put the bottom square of the cake down first.
Put a scoop of your favorite VANILLA ICE CREAM next.
Drizzle a little more chocolate.
Put on the top piece of cake and put a lot more chocolate.
Squirt whipped cream over the whole mess and put a cherry on top.
I won’t even tell you this has a bazillion calories….just try not to think about it while you eat this scrumptuous thing. Enjoy!