It’s Time To Step Up Sistahood!

Hi Girls!

Some of you either know or have heard of Heather of Swank Design fame, some not. However, today is one of those where it doesn’t really matter. She needs our help and I hope you will consider joining in.

I am asking you each to click on the button above to read about Heather’s brain cancer diagnosis and make a decision on April 18th to pray and if possible to give financially to aid her family. I won’t elaborate here on what is best told through the link. All I can say is that I am torn out of my frame after reading her plight. This is one of those situations where you might ask, “How much can one family take?” This young wife and mother is a picture of the grace of God being sufficient. By her testimony you will respond, “How can she possibly be so calm?” It is only the confidence she has in our God…No doubt she is spreading His fame.

On April 18th a link will be established through this button for donations to this family. Again, you can read more by clicking. Please pray about how you can seize this opportunity for ministry.

Thank you!!