Sittin’ On The Dock of The Bay…Wasting TIIIMMMMEE

Ya’ll know as well as I do there are just way too few days to spend kicked back doing a whole lot of nothin’. This week was my kids’ Spring Break and between ballgames and errands, we’ve barely done one fun thing. Yesterday, we drove down to our camper on the lake which we have stayed in a total of ONE WHOLE NIGHT since we got it a year ago. We had ballgames, so we couldn’t spend the night last night either, but we did enjoy a lovely 4 hours fishing, reading, and soaking up some sun – in our coats for Pete’s sake since it was in the cool, windy, 60’s in Mid-April, in Alabama! All I have to say is Al Gore, SHUT UP! There is no global warming! Have you not looked at the Weather Channel in your rants and seen we are having the coldest Spring in centuries?! We SO liked you better when you were still in seclusion with your way overgrown facial hair. As we say when we are cold in the South, “OOSSHHIE!”

Anyway, here are a few pics of the children…I hesitate to put them on there because of all the interfreaks out there…but their names are changed to protect the innocent:) These are mostly for the granny who doesn’t get to see them much because she is never home. Love you , Gran..:)

Einstein (11 YO) and Big Daddy (7 YO). This was a tender moment. They are usually in a pile beating each other to death.

Squid (9 YO) got bored pretty quick with the whole fishing thing though he liked feeding the ducks that came by. He is an instant gratification kind of guy and the fish were not biting yesterday in the wind.

Can you just say, ‘AWWW’. The princess loves her big brothers. Big Daddy was helping her watch her bobber in case a fish got it.

The view from our camper lot….There is just no better place than on the water..really. What a nice 4 measly hours. Maybe we’ll have 4 more to go down here again in the next year. :)