The Funniest Thing I’ve Read This Week

Do ya’ll know you are the funniest interfriends in the whole wide world? And one of you whose name starts with NSpiredByFaith, well I know you in real life and I always knew you were funny but now, holy cow. Something about bloggin’ just brings out the Comedic Genius in you. I’m guessing one reason I never knew this is that we just don’t have enough time to spend with one another so that we can discuss things like our crazy families or ill-behaved children.

Ya’ll have simply GOT to go read NSpired’s story Grandpa Rides Again. It just doesn’t get any more Southern than this. You know, I absolutely love the South. No where else on earth can we do the dumbest things and have them be re-told for generations until they are more lore than fact. :)) We are legend-makers people.

In other news, I know you have joined me in mourning for the families of the students killed at Virginia Tech. I also know you must also be rejoicing over the phenomenal response to the love offering for Heather. By the way, if you haven’t given yet, you still can until the 25th. If you aren’t able, more valuable than all is your prayers. What a wonderful opportunity though to put legs on our petitions. I am truly overwhelmed by the response. Have you ever??

One other place I’ll point you to…..Have you ever visited Laced With Grace? It is a Group-Written Daily Devotion hosted by Iris at Sting My Heart. There girls who write it are wonderful and it will be a great addition to your daily Scripture reading. Go by and visit today!

Have a wonderful Saturday!