I’d Like To Thank The Academy

My site was nominated for Best Religion Blog!

I have just found out that someone nominated ‘The Preacher’s Wife’ for Best Religion Blog in the Blogger’s Choice Awards. WOW?! For the sister who nominated me, THANK YOU! You gave this site the most wonderful description and I don’t know what to say but I am grateful and overwhelmed. For fear of pulling a Julia Roberts who told the ‘little orchestra man’ to have a seat as he tried to shush her Oscar acceptance speech, I’ll hush now. After I say this that is.

I looked at the list of other nominees and at last tally, the Religion blog in the lead was actually an ATHEIST blog. Now tell me how that should be in a Religion category? Let me be clear I am not tellin’ you to go vote for me (unless you really want to that is :)), but please go vote for somebody who loves Jesus. Could you just do that please? It only takes a minute and we simply can not let someone who does not love Jesus win the Religion category. It just can not happen. It can’t. Unacceptable.

So run on over here and vote. Remember. No athiests. Jesus Worshippers only.

Thank you!