Seven Random Things About Me

I’ve been tagged by Christine and Iris and Carol for the Seven Random Things About Me play-along. Ya’ll are so gonna wish you didn’t ask:

1. I freak out when anyone breaths in my airspace, i.e. I can not deal if hubby is sleeping face to face with me and is breathing out into the air I am breathing in. I am convinced that I will asphyxiate (spelling?) on his carbon dioxide.

2. I can not stand for closet doors to be open. I can’ t lie down in my bed if the closet doors are not shut tight with the lights off….Don’t ask, I don’t know.

3. I am horrified of tornados. In my nightmares, I dream my kids blow away and I can’t find them. I have been known to strap my kids to me with belts in bad storms so if we blow away, we’ll blow away together.

4. In another life I would have loved to have been a secret agent – all CIA and stuff. I love the Bourne Identity movies, Alias, etc. I think I would have made an awesome spy.

5. When I graduated high school, I had no desire to ever have children. I planned to move to New York City and be a career woman and never marry. I now live in a small Alabama town with a pastor husband and 4 kids. “Man makes his plans, but God takes his steps!” God must still be laughing His head off over that one..

6. I love epidurals. I think a good epidural is the most divine feeling I have ever experienced. I would love to lie in bed with an epidural for an entire week. Is there anything wrong with that??

7. I won the county spelling bee in 4th Grade. My 4 year old daughter found the plaque a couple weeks ago and now proudly has it hanging on her wall. She thinks it is really cool I could spell ‘lasagna’. :) I obviously can not spell asphyxiate (sp?)..That must have been in the 5th Grade contest which I did not enter. I figured out by then how uncool spelling bees were..

I hope we are still friends and that the above doesn’t qualify as TMI. :))

I think most of you have been tagged by this already, so if you are reading this and have not been, tag yourself and let me know you are playing so I can link you up!! :))

Happy Mother’s Day!