If We Can’t Take Care of a Cabbage…

My #2 son is in 3rd grade and this year, Bonnie Plants gave each of the school children a cabbage plant to use in a ‘Grow the Biggest Cabbage in Alabama’ contest. Ours started out well but apparently a small animal located the new flora and promptly ate it until it was nothing but a 3 inch stalk sticking out of the ground.

On Friday, #2 brought home a sunflower he had started from seed to give me for Mother’s Day. When he showed it to me he said,

“After what we did with the cabbage, I can not believe my teacher thought we could be trusted with another living thing.”

Someone go ahead and call Children’s Services – cause if I can’t be trusted with a cabbage and a sunflower, how in the world are the 4 kids going to survive?!