You Can’t Leave Them Alone For a Minute

Today I had the joy of having lunch with our Senior Ladies in the ‘Steadfast’ Sunday School Class. One of the class member’s sister has the most wonderful cabin on the mountain where we live. I spent the afternoon, alone I might add since Luke stayed home with the children, laughing and eating and laughing some more with the most precious women (and a few hubbies) you can imagine! They truly are the backbone of our church and I want to be just like all of them when I grow up! We hiked through the woods and looked at beautiful mountain laurel and rhododendrons in full bloom. It was such an enjoyable day. So enjoyable in fact, I couldn’t wait to call Luke on my way home and tell him all about it.

Me: Hey hon, just wanted to call and tell you I’m on my way home…

Luke: You are? Oh good. You might want to hurry. Number Two decided he would help the Princess with her braids. He has a brush stuck in her hair and I can’t get it out.

Me: How long has she had it in her hair??????!!??

Luke: Oh, about an hour.

So while I was gone, laughing, eating, hiking, with nary a care in the world, my precious little 4 year old girl was walking around in yesterday’s clothes with a hairbrush hanging in her hair. Here is what I found when I got home:

If you are slack jawed right now with the words “Oh.My.Goodness” on your tongue, well you’d be having the same reaction I did. It took me FORTYFIVEMINUTES to get that brush out of her hair. It looked like she got it caught in a motor…Needless to say, Number Two was a little distraught. All he could manage was, “I didn’t mean to!!!” I don’t know what gave him the idea I might blow a gasket :) I am still just baffled as to why in the world the child thought he wanted to help braid her hair?? I still have no words.

So I’m thinking the next time I need to be away from home, in addition to putting away the sharp knives and rat poison, I’m totally locking up the round brushes. Because they are, after all, very dangerous.