My Church Girls Know How To Throw a Party!!

I finally have what few photos I was able to take at our Women’s Banquet loaded! Typical of me, my camera battery was almost dead when I arrived so I wasn’t able to get as many photos as I would have liked. I mainly wanted to show you the amazing tables the girls came up with yet again this year.

Our Spring Banquet is an annual event for which women volunteer to be Table Hostesses. They are responsible for decorating their own table any way they like. Some use their personal china, some go whacko and buy dishes :), but one thing you can count on is that they are all as different as the personalities that put them together! I can not tell you how fun it is to come in and see what each woman has created.

I shared with the girls when we moved to the sanctuary for my preaching :) that looking at what each one does with a white table cloth as a base just screams of the creative work of God. I imagine Him at Creation with a blank canvas delighting in all the different ‘themes’ He could dream up…He could have made our world all beach or all desert. All mountains or all icebergs. But, instead He is a God of variety and I love that about Him. Knowing He continued that creative work in each of us should convince us even more that we are beloved in His sight. He has yet to make anything He did not call Good!

On a lighter note, don’t we girls know how to throw a part-ay? Now our men get together and eat “wild game” and “barbeque” on paper plates with their fingers. Not us honey. We drag out the fine china, dine on grilled chicken and pasta salad (with forks on the proper side of our plate I might add), and enjoy our little fancy schmancy selves while we do it. A girl needs a little refinement in her life. Heaven knows I don’t get it at home when my kids are throwing green beans at me from across the dinner table. Oh yeah, I needed this night out.

For those of you who attended, I hope you enjoyed this night 1/4th as much as I did cause that means you had yourselves an awesome evening…Thank you again for all you did to make the night so very special..

I love you girls!!