Justified in Her Tears….

Today my little 4 year old daughter abruptly started bawling in the living room. That kind of cry only means one thing – number 3 Boy has exerted some form of torture on her.

Number One Boy came carrying her into the kitchen….As in many previous altercations, I tried to get to the bottom of what exactly had happened.

Me: Why did #3 hit you?

Princess: (snubbed up crying) Because I was just trytrytrying to be next to hiiiimmmmm……

#3 (from the living room): I DID NOT HIT HER! (lying)

#1 Boy: Yeah right! She may cry ALL the time but she doesn’t cry about nothing!

Let that one sink in for a minute…Cause ya’ll, there’s lots of reasons for tears from a lone princess in a testasterone filled world. It is quite distressing when your three brothers will not wear pink feather boas, let you sit in their laps while they are trying to beat the final level of Mario Kart, or try out your new body glitter lotion while wearing your favorite plastic
high-heeled shoes. Nevermind how unforgivable it is when they don’t want to watch Barbie as Rapunzel in the car dvd player.

So if she cries a little more than her brothers deem necessary, and if she gets petted a little extra by her momma when no one is looking…well, can you really blame me? :)