Thankful Thursday

Wow…another week! My list is quite random today…Hope you can hang with my stream of conciousness! :)

1. I am thankful for my friend Melody at Kids, Cakes, Dishes, Laundry who is the real life Ace of Cakes. She did one for a Coming Out party that you simply have to see. No – it’s not that kind of Coming Out party…Just go here and scroll down to the last cake…trust me, you’ll be so glad you did. And if ya’ll don’t already visit her on a daily basis, you just have to! She has me belly laughing every single day…You Rock, Melody! :))

2. I am thankful for a husband who prays for me… He is constant encouragement to me and I indeed am blessed. I am also grateful for a few more speaking opportunities that seem to be arising out of the ones I have just completed. I love my God and I surely love bragging on Him so any chance I get to do it, I’ll suck up my nerves and go! :)

3. I am thankful today is the last day of school – I think (I am positive it is the last day of school – I think I am thankful about it :)) I’ll be praying for a measure of sanity this summer and for some fun, free things for the kids to do. Ya’ll got any good ideas for the North Alabama area? Just don’t suggest this zoo.

4. I am also thankful that all my kids had wonderful, godly teachers this year…I know opinions differ in the public/Christian/homeschool debate, but I have to say that God has called our family to a wonderful place where the darkness typical of many public schools has not yet reached. I am able to have the 2-6th graders come to our church once a week for Bible Classes, for Pete’s sake! Where else do you find that??

5. I am thankful for my brilliant little children. (They take after their mom) All three of them won top Reading Honors and my oldest got High Achievement (Highest GPA) in every single subject for 5th Grade…..Keep it coming baby, mom and daddy need some scholarships..:))

6. I am grateful for AWANA. This was our first year at our church..We averaged about 80 kids per week and they have learned sooo much. Our awards program is this Sunday…If I can get through that and ball season and I will honestly lay in bed for a week..:))

I hope ya’ll have a week full of immeasurably, unexpected joy! :)

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