If I Can Just Hang On Til June 9th….

Sunday was a double Diet Coke kind of morning…by that I mean there are times a girl just needs a little more ‘umphh’ to get going. I got a good chuckle from my SS teacher, Glen, when I walked in with one DC already open and a fresh reserve standing by. He jokes our starting bell is the pop of my coke can…And BTW, Glen is the most awesome teacher ever, even though he is quite old..(that was for you, Deedra…:))

I needed some extra mojo seeing as I stayed up obscenely late getting ready for our first ever Awana Awards Ceremony. I am not afraid to say it looks like me, Cubby Bear, and Sparky did some heavy partying in my living room Saturday night. We confetti’d the place with Lamb/Elephant Patches, multi-colored crown jewels, and toasted the wee hours with a vat of Diet Coke and Kit Kat Bites. Suffice it to say, I am not bathing-suit ready but my brain is sufficiently pickled and my blood sugar topped off for the holiday weekend.

You know how you have those seasons where you think, “If I can just get through ‘so and so’ then I will be be able to relax?” Well, my mantra since May 1 has been, “If I can get through speaking at these three banquets, ball season, end of school, Awana Awards, finishing some work projects, and VBS, then I’ll be okay.” Though I’ve loved every single thing on my list, I am very excited I’ve only got two more items to check off until FLORIDA BABY. And as Toby Mac says, ‘I need some time with God on a mental vacation.’ He sooo rocks. And I do believe I am the only Preacher’s Wife anywhere who regularly quotes my boy, Toby. Yo.

What do I have planned for vacation? Oh a few fascinating things:

1. Watching the complete Seasons 1 and 2 of ‘Lost’. Now that Season 3 is over, I have more questions that answers and I missed almost all of 2. And my ocd’ness will not let me watch 2 unless I start with 1. Go figure. I’m completely jazzed over having time to do this. But my hubby? Notsomuch. Though he does prefer this over the Napoleon Dynamite marathon we had last year.

2. Finishing my course work for my New Testament class which includes taking two tests and writing a 6 page paper on Paul’s missionary journeys….This class has been so stinkin’ hard! It is a survey which means it superficially covers everything from Intertestamental History to Gospel Harmony to the Life of Paul. I am ready to get specific.

3. While not doing numbers 1 and 2, lying in a vegetative state on the beach while listening to ‘Glory Revealed’ over and over on my iPod. At the risk of being unfaithful to Toby Mac and Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, I must admit I also *heart* Mac Powell.

4. Getting a good cellulite-camouflaging tan. No explanation needed.

5. Reading a great novel…I need a good fiction book to take…any recommendations ?

Because I know there isn’t a one of us who can’t use a break, I do hope a vacation looms in your future. If you’ve got one coming up, for kicks, tell us where and what you plan on doing?! I love to hear about your get-aways…..

Have a Great Memorial Day! Don’t forget to hug a vet….Vet-eran than is. Not your vet-erinarian though Sandy, you would probably come closer to doing that…kidding, love ya.:)