The Glory Has Been Revealed!

Remember how I told ya’ll one of the things on my Vacation Checklist was to lie in a coma on the beach and listen to the Glory Revealed CD? Well, I didn’t actually have the CD yet..I was going to buy it before we left with the intent of listening to it once I got there.

Well, what did I find in the front seat of my car yesterday? GLORY REVEALED. (Thanks again M and K!! ) Now if ya’ll have ever seen the inside of my car, you know there ain’t much glory going on in there except the occasional outbursts of, ‘Oh Glory, I can not believe you just spilled a Sonic Big Gulp in the carpet’, or ‘Oh Glory, that Krystal Burger has been here for at least 2 months’. But now, well let me just say everything has changed. There is some full-blown Jesus praisin’ going on thanks to my beloveds, Mac Powell and Mark Hall. And oh yeah, all those other equally talented people on there whose names I can not recall.

This CD should come with a bumper sticker:

Do Not Follow Within 100 Yards of This Vehicle.

Cause I’ll be driving with my knees on the wheel while my eyes are closed and hands are stretched towards the heavens. (There’s a visual for you) And I really wouldn’t want ya’ll to be the Collateral Damage of my worship.

BTW – I’m thinking my favorite on there so far is ‘Waters Gone By’. And that one is not even Mac or Mark!

Happy Tuesday! ;)