A BLEAK is in order…

‘A what?’ you say? That would be a BLog-BrEAK…Put those words together and you can conclude that things are going to be a bit BL-EAK around here for the next bit.
The reason? I have 3 weeks worth of activity which must be completed in ONE. I’ll never get it done if I am on the computer! :)

Before I take my temporary leave, I’d love your suggestions on something…(thanks for the book recommendations by the way..I’ll be reading for 6 months:)

When we go on vacation Saturday (yaaayyyy!) we are going to be cooking in the room for all but 2 nights and I need some recipe inspiration…We will be in a condo so we can’t grill, but I would love to hear about some of your favorite, simple, family-night meals.

Also the ‘I AM’ Study will be on a break as well. I am a girl who knows her limitations and there is simply too much to do for me to study like I need and want to. Ya’ll don’t leave me! Hang in there and it’ll be back real soon. If you would like to read ahead, the next Lesson will in Exodus 4. We’ll talk about God taking ‘what is in our hands’ and using it as a tool for wonders. We’ll also touch on ‘the secret lives of women’..Intrigued? I hope..God has a lot to say about a clear conscience…If you have noticed I have digressed a bit from my original outline, it is only because there is just too much rich material in Chapters 3 and 4 of Exodus to skip over! I’ll update the outline when we are out of Chapter 4…

SO – with all that said, I am going to make my kids take a bath and put some clothes on (if I can get them off the sofa), wash 14 loads of laundry (I’m not exaggerating), get ball uniforms ready, pack for vacation, clean my disgusting house (dishwasher is broken so I’ll be using manual labor on that chore), clean my disgusting car, and finish decorating my VBS room. And oh yes, my class will appreciate it if I somehow work a bath in for myself sometime today. I chose a nice walk and prayer time this morning over a shower..:) It was well worth it…

I’ll check back in, so please don’t forget to leave me some good recipes! :))

Blessings on you, girls!