Because I Live For The Next Meal…

My new friends at Lisa-Writes and Morning Song have tagged me for a ‘Favorite Restaurant’ Meme…These are supposed to be local favorites but there are honestly not five restaurants in my town. I thought I’d depart from the rules just a bit and tell you my favorite restaurants in some of the towns we’ve lived or visited. Maybe some of these will end up being close to one of you!

1. Mi Casita – located where I live now. This is the hands-down best Mexican restaurant ever….Mario is the owner and we are totally on a first name basis. He also let’s me practice my broken Dora the Explorer Spanish on him…What is also great about him is I can call and say, ‘We are on our way from church with 20 people’ and he’ll clear everyone out and within 10 minutes have our table ready…He also gives my kids free cheese dip and puts extra mushrooms on my chicken burrito…Mario rocks!

2. Boonie Mae’s – Batesville, Mississippi. We lived in nearby Clarksdale for a few months while we were on missions assignment with the North American Mission Board and this meal was a gift from the Director of Missions there….He and his wife even kept the kids while we went! (Only Einstein and Squid at the time.. :) This place has the best rib eye I have EVER put in my mouth. It was wrapped in bacon and had some kind of scrumptuous spices on it. The atmosphere was wonderful…I hope we’ll have a chance to go back someday!

3. High Point – Monteagle Mtn., TN. This is only about an hour from where I live now…We went here for my birthday last year…This place is so cool and mysterious! The restaurant is in the 1930’s mansion of the gangster Al Capone’s mistress which he had built as a hideout. There are secret tunnels for easy escape during police raids. I had a dish called the High Point Oscar which is filet with crab meat and bearnaise (sp?) sauce….i’ll never forget it…fantastic!!

4. Cumberland Gap Tea Room, Cumberland Gap, TN – This area is beautiful…in the Tri State area of VA, KY, and TN….We lived in Pineville, KY for 4 years while hubs attended Clear Creek Baptist Bible College. These are our years in a proverbial bubble…easily some of the best of our lives….Anyway, enough sentiment, The Tea Room specializes in Prime Rib and is located in an old bank building…you can walk a bit down the street in the town and feed enormous trout in a stream…lots of fun for the kids…I miss this place too…

5. Uncle Ernie’s – Panama City Beach, FL – This is where we vacation every year both in the summer and in October with some of our best friends (no kids allowed) If you love seafood, this is the place to eat it…This restaurant sits on the water in the old city of Panama…I am a crab cake girl and these are the best I have ever eaten, anywhere…..

Hope you have a chance to visit one of these!! I take my food seriously and you will not be disappointed with any of these meals…:))

I’ve seen this meme around quite a bit so I won’t tag anyone, but please jump in if you want and tell me if you do so I can link you!

Have a great Saturday!!