Did somebody say ‘Hair?’

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee and Lisa at Lisa-Writes have both graciously bestowed the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award upon me. Do you have any idea how awesome I think this is? For someone who ceased being cool in 1989, to be considered in the least bit Rockin’ throws me right back to the days of Prince and legwarmers. I feel like I should flick my lighter and sway.

Linda’s remarks were these:

The Preacher’s Wife – where Lisa, with really great hair, I might add, regularly inspires and entertains me. And forgives me (I hope) for failing miserably at a certain Bible study.

Hair?? Did someone say Hair? I’ve got your hair right here:

Can anyone say 4 inches on top? Exactly? And how about those back bones? I’ve not seen those since kid #2.

Lisa #1 said this:

The Preacher’s Wife – Her name is Lisa. She is the mom of four. She lives in Alabama.In a small town no less, not too far from here. She’s a Bible teacher and speaker. Evidently she and I have been living parallel lives and it took the great blog world for us to meet. If I rock, then so does she.

Ya’ll, this is sooo Star Trek…The whole parallel universe and everything…:)) One day, and it has to be soon or I’ll go nuts, I’m going to meet this girl. I’ve got this crazy feeling we’ll be great friends. :))

Thank you so much girls for the nomination….Ya’ll rock!

And I know, I am supposed to pass this on…. I am working on that…We are having company Monday and I have absolutely GOT to go scrub some more baseboards and clean out my fridge right.this.minute. I promise I’ll fulfill more of my obligations tomorrow. I still need to get with Iris and Christine on the Blogger Reflection awards they sent my way.

Ya’ll are just blessing my socks off! What a great feeling to be behind on collecting awards! :))

P.S. I’m DYING to see your 80’s hair…we’ve gotta do a party on that one, okay? If you are in, let me know and we’ll set it up…:)

Much love to you, girls….Be Back Soon! :)