Thankful Thursday

I can never get over how quickly Thursdays roll around and how much my Thankful list can evolve from the week before…

Here are just a few things for which I am grateful:

1. College friends. Luke and I have talked to two different sets of friends from college this week…One of which is coming to visit us for a few days next week! I am so grateful there is nary a place in the USA I could travel and not have a friend there. I am BESIDE MYSELF over our upcoming visit…I’ll tell you all about it when it is over..:)

2. All your encouraging comments on the ‘I AM’ study. You girls truly make a girl want to love Jesus more and learn more about Him…Thank you for blessing me by participating.

2. Early morning walks and a husband who lets me take them before he goes to work. This is such a great time for praise/prayer/worship and when I am about to speak or teach, a way I can talk out loud to make sure things flow like I want them to…And, while the kids are out of school for the summer, a girl needs a few minutes in the morning to collect herself before the madness of the day begins.

3. Provision. God knows.

4. My friends Iris and Linda who have given me awards for which I have yet to respond by post. I AM WORKING ON IT! :)) I’ve been working like mad trying to get some projects done before our friends come to visit, so the blogging has been weak..:)

5. Ball season is over….we finally have our evenings back! Not that we are any less busy, but now at least we have a little more choice in our activities. We were tired and I was ready for it to be over…I say that now…The fever will be back full force before long.

6. Our churches upcoming missions trip to Montgomery, AL. We went to this area last year and received much more of a blessing than we gave. I can’t wait to go back!

I know as soon as I post this, I will think of many more but I’ll save it for next time…..

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