A Continuation of Parenting-101

In my determination to be a godly mother, I have prescribed a daily dose of “Leave it to Beaver” for the children. In my opinion, there is no better show on television with the number of ‘teachable moments’ as this one. And June? She rocks. Can you even imagine vacuuming in a dress and high heels? Or making pot roast with all the trimmings on a Tuesday night? Yes, ma’am. June had it together and Ward was the better man for it.

Now I know ‘ole Beaver could get himself in some messes and he and Wally could get in some huge fights, but underlying it all was a love and devotion I am trying so hard to instill in my boys. Every person on the planet needs to know at the end of the day there is one person who is on their side, will have their back, and loves them in spite of their faults. That’s the kind of love Beaver and Wally have. *sigh*

Now yesterday’s episode was a perfect example. Beaver had forgotten about a birthday party. Wally searched the neighborhood until he found a very muddy Beaver and brought him home to get ready. Ward dashed Beaver to the tub while June ran out to buy a gift. Beaver put on a suit and went to the birthday. (A suit to a birthday party? Are my boys the only ones who have never in their lives worn a suit?)

The show closed with an evening scene where Beaver had to scrub the tub from all the mud he had left while taking his bath. And here is the good part. Wally didn’t want him to have to do it alone so he got down beside him and helped him. Be still my heart! Firstly, a boy scrubbing the tub? Secondly, another boy helping him without compulsion….?? I immediately turned to my oldest, Einstein and said:

Me: Einstein, that is what I was trying to get across to you in the car the other day. See how Beaver is scrubbing that tub? See how the older brother jumped in to help him even when he didn’t have to? See how great friends and brothers they are? Don’t you think you guys could try some of that?

Einstein: Yeah, right mom. Don’t get your hopes up. This show was like, in the 50’s, and from what I’ve heard, everything was PERFECT in the 50’s..

As opposed to the millenium when moms do not cook and clean in heels. Or have matching aprons with every dress. Or yell to get their kids to clean their rooms.

A lot.

And you know, I’ve decided that is okay…..We may have some clutter. I may clean in my sweaty running clothes and not shower until lunch. The kids may beat the daylights out of each other. Though our household is not “50’s Perfect”, I know it is a home filled with love for God and one another.

Maybe not a scrubbing the bathtub together kind of love, but it is love nonetheless.