Walk Like an Egyptian

If you are not yet convinced I am the biggest nerd you have ever met, the deal is about to be sealed now and forever more.

I say this because I am squealing like an 10-year old girl at a boy-band concert over Discovery Channel’s The Lost Queen of Egypt. I may even be more excited than over the season opener of Lost. Well, yikes, it’s a toss up. If they both came on the same night I’d have to learn how to use the Picture in Picture on the tv. Or break off my right arm to give to Dish Network to pay for DVR. But anyway, that is not my plight this weekend- thank you Lord! He is so good to me!
Why am I so giddy? Why, oh why, do I dare you to call me after 8 p.m central tomorrow night? The Lost Queen in this program, Hatshepsut, is believed by some Christian/Archaeologist scholars to be Moses’ adopted mother. Yes, ma’am. The Pharaoh’s daughter of Exodus herself!
Don’t look for Zahi Hawass (Egypt’s Antiquities Minister) to tell you this because no self-respecting secular archaeologist will admit the Israelites ever lived in Egypt. However, I intend to watch this program with Christian ears and see if I can make sense of the timing of her reign and the Exodus…I’ve got my 18th Dynasty Chronology all printed and my notepad ready!
So if any of you are in the least bit interested, I’ll tell you all about the show and let you know if I indeed come away believing this was Moses’ mom…Because I’m all Genius like that (not) and I’m certain I can figure out in a biased, one-hour program what researchers have been scratching their heads over for centuries.

That nerd thing I told you about – are you convinced now?