More questions than answers…..

UPDATE: I’ve been searching for other photos of this statue and the majority of credible sites I have found state this is a statue of Senenmut with Hatshepsut’s daughter, Nefurere. What I can not determine is why the child has a side pony tail which a prince (male child) of Egypt wears.

If you checked in over the weekend, you know what I was watching on television last night! I was transfixed to the tv with notepad and Diet Dr. Pepper (yes, I slipped) and furiously took notes during the airing of Discovery Channels, Lost Queen of Egypt.
I’ve got to work a little while right now, so I’ll recap later. But a little teaser…see this statue above? It is supposedly of Hatshepsut (the princess who may have found Moses) HOWEVER! She only had one daughter and this image shows her with a male child….Could it be Moses? huh, huh??

I’ve got to research on this for a while ..because I have all kinds of time like that…:)) This wasn’t on the show by the way…I found this after digging around on my own…(no pun intended, hardy har)

Be back later!

(Shelly, like the label?? :)