Thankful Thursday

Hi Girls!

I had to miss last week because we were in Montgomery on our missions trip – needless to say I have much to be grateful for!

I am eternally grateful God added over twenty souls to the number of the brethren this week in Montgomery. I tried to have no favorites, but Cedric was a boy who melted my heart. He prayed for salvation after having heard the gospel many times during our visit. Here is his prayer:
“Dear God, Thank you for dying for my sins. Help me to obey my parents and not to steal stuff. Help me learn to be like You. And Lord, I know if I mess up I can ask you to forgive me, because you are a God who gives second chances. I love you, God.”
Can I get an ‘AMEN’??
I am always leary of childhood confessions of faith because of so many factors which way on their decision. Are they doing it because a friend did? Are they truly aware of their sin? Are they just scared of hell? I never tell a child a specific prayer to pray, only the elements of what a salvation prayer should contain. This prayer was the most genuine I’ve ever heard from a child and the ‘I love you, God’ was completely spontaneous. To say I cried bucket loads of tears is an understatement!

Here is Cedric, me and Jasmine. Jasmine’s aunt Shon is the woman I told you was in my ‘Girl Talk’ group who was saved.

I was going to write much more but the phone is ringing off the hook and I have to leave in a bit.

I will also ask you to pray for our church. Anytime a body is doing a work that is effecting the souls of men, women and children, Satan stands and takes notice. Warfare is and will continue to take place. When you pray, please ask God to dispatch an extra regiment of angelic protection to our little home in North Alabama~ :))

Have a great Thursday!