How I Know He’s Not Quite Ready….

If you’ve checked in here this week, you know our #2 son, Squid, was baptized Sunday. You wouldn’t think there would be too dramatic a change in a 9-year old after this, but I’m telling you he is so much more relaxed. I asked him today if he felt better now that he was saved and he said, “Yes, ma’am. I just don’t have anything to worry about anymore.” Be still my heart.

Tonight I was praying with Big Daddy – our 7-year old son. I don’t like the children to get in a prayer rut, so I’ll use the ACTS acrostic to guide their prayers. (If you’ve not heard of it, this stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) Here was Big Daddy’s Prayer last night:

Me: Okay Big Daddy, Start with telling God how great He is…

BD: (In his best TD Jakes voice) Praaaiiise Yoouuuu, JESUS!

Me: Okay, (I guess that was good? After all, didn’ t Paul say as long as Jesus is preached?)…Now, confess something you did wrong today…

BD: Hmmmmm..I can not think of one. single. thing.

Me: Are you sure about that?

BD: Positive.

(Here I confessed for him – for several minutes)

Me: What about thanks?

BD: Thank you, God, for wiffle ball. It rocks.

Me: Now tell God how you are going to try to live for Him…

BD: Dear Lord – I’m going to try to act like a missionary. And oh, I thought of one thing I did wrong. I’m sorry I’ve been pooting the whole time I’ve been talking to You.

Of course I want all of my children to be born again as early in their lives as possible, but something tells me Big Daddy isn’t quite there yet….:)