Don’t Hate Me Because I’ve Got the Hottest Tickets in Town!

Lookie what I have in my hot little hands!!! Tickets to not one but TWO rockin’ shows!

Thank you, Patty, who scored a Deeper Still ticket for me! God totally wanted me to come because after I bought this ticket, I found out three of my dear friends were going as well and they invited me to stay in their room. So Deep was my desire to go to this conference I was ready to head to Nashville all by myself! Husband was a little nervous about that – but he knew I really wanted to come see the Terrific Trio and meet my imaginary friends…LOL Oh, I am beside myself that it all worked out! BTW – Deeper Still has a blog – go here to check it out~

As if that were not enough, here is my ticket Casting Crowns’ October show in Huntsville! I know if Mark knew I were coming he’d hook me up with back stage passes, but since we haven’t talked, for like, NEVER, I’ll be sitting in the side risers next to the stage. If you are planning on being at this show, I’ll be the girl in the box seats still waving her lighter in the air cuz as far as I’m concerned, the old school 80’s concerts still rule. I’ll also be the one lip-syncing to the girl in the band. (One day I’m going to figure out her name) I am convinced one of my rewards in heaven will be the ability to open my mouth and sing without anyone standing by me wincing. Oh, it’s going to be so good.

Also another word – if you haven’t checked out LPM’s blog in the last couple of days, The Siesta Fiesta has been scheduled for August of next year. Talking about hot tickets! I am SO there! :)

Okay, I’m done squealing like a school girl. I just realized how much fun September and October were going to be and I just couldn’t contain myself!

Hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend! We’ll be going to Mule Day…Yes, you heard it right! The Cow Plop’s got nuthin’ on Mule Day.

Don’t worry…I’ll be telling you about it next week..:))