The Most Urgent Thing I’ve Ever Asked of You….

Girls, if there has ever been a time I have coveted your prayers, it is this day. I beg you not to read this screen and jump to the next blog without petitioning the Father in this most urgent time.

A dear family in our congregation has a 6 week old baby girl who had a biopsy done this morning for a lump that came up on her upper buttock. In the doctor’s words, it could be cancer. Now this is not definite, but still horrifying words for these parents and grandparents, loved ones and friends to hear. The biopsy report will not ready for a week.
For any of you who have done Beth’s study of Daniel – we know how to pray in this kind of situation:

1. To be delivered from the fire, 2. Through the fire, or 3. By the Fire….

It’s time for step one girls…..Our first prayer is that this mass is benign and sincere apologies from the doctors for scaring this poor family to death. Or better yet, that the lump is just flat out gone….

Also, these friends read this blog. Would you be so kind as to leave an encouraging word for them?? The baby’s name is Emma… All they are holding on to this moment is the prayers of God’s people. I know you are faithful prayer warriors and again, I beg you to ask God for deliverance from this trial.