Let the Praising Begin!!

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Take a look at this note from Emma’s mom Kelli and then PRAISE HIM, people!! Our God has done a miracle in our midst! Ya’ll, this wasn’t simply a mistake. You can find Kelli’s initial report of the doctor’s findings here. The oncologist was already talking treatment. What little I know of the medical field, specialists just do not do this kind of thing so early unless they are very confident in their preliminary diagnosis. What a perfect opportunity for a God Show! (For you ‘I AM’ Study girls, A Set up for a Show Up! :)

This past Sunday, Justin and Kelly brought Emma to church and following the Biblical mandate of the elders and congregation praying for healing, we did just that. It was one of the most heart-wrenching yet powerful times of prayer I have ever experienced. We promised our God we would glorify His Name no matter the outcome. This time, He chose to magnify Himself through a healing that can not be explained by medicine. Praise His Most Holy Name!!

Here’s Kelli:


My baby girl is healed in his name!!!
To all of my prayer warriors out there, GOD LISTENS!!!!!
The doctor called this afternoon and asked how I was doing, and I told her as well as could be expected, and she said well you are going to be doing a whole lot better after I tell you the news!!! IT IS NOT CANCER!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah….GOD IS GOOD!!!!

The doctor shared with me that Emma must have “someone” watching over her because when she opened her up for the biopsy on Friday she was CERTAIN is was cancer, and when she looked under the microscope today, it definitely was NOT!!! I told her she had more than one person looking after her, she had a band of angels and Holy God that still heals. She said she needed to take a day just to let this sink in!!! PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!!
It is a gathering of blood vessels that formed a knot and that we may just need to watch it and there may not be a need for any kind of operation!!!!


I can not tell you all how much your prayers and your support and your encouraging words have helped me to stay strong in my Faith and in my daily walk. I almost started doubting today!! Satan ALMOST got me, but GOD IS GOOD!!! Praise the Holy Lamb!!!! Jesus still heals today!!! Please tell everyone the good news! We love you and thank you for all of your prayers. Share the good news that Jesus Lives and he lives in ME!!!!!

Emma has a story to tell and she will do it in his Holy Name!!!

More Celebration to COME!!!!
In Him,
Justin, Kelli, and our HEALED EMMA!!!!