You’ll Be Sorry You Asked

Aside from the first heartbreaking and now wonderful news of baby Emma, the blogging has been pretty pathethic around here lately. I do have a legitimate reason – this weekend, I am headed off to Pigeon Forge to teach the ‘Get Over It’ Conference I told ya’ll about. I don’t think I ever properly thanked you for your input. I have carried your notes around for weeks as I’ve prepared the material for these sessions. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so transparent. I KNOW your comments will translate to this group and that God will use His letters to the churches in Revelations to show how we be overcomers! My plans right now are to follow up the ‘I AM’ Study with Get Over It. More news on that soon. If you think of it, will you pray for me? That the Holy Spirit will cover me in His Glory and speak with His own sweet breath? If there has ever been a weekend when He has the opportunity to show off in contrast to a weak vessel, this is it. I’m counting on you and thanking you in advance :)

I thought you might also like to know I get to teach this conference with the hugest zit I’ve ever had. I’m SO not going to put a picture on here, but let’s just say it looks like I am growing a second chin. I hope the women who are coming won’t be distracted by the 1/2 second lag time it takes for it to follow the movements of my mouth. This may turn out looking like one of those badly dubbed Godzilla movies. Ya’ll pray it doesn’t turn into full blown leprosy.

In other news, today is my daughter’s 5th Birthday! If you had been with us today, every 10 minutes or so you would have heard things like, “Why are we getting the oil changed on MY Birthday? Why is it taking so long to get to the Chinese Restaurant on MY Birthday? Did you know it was MY Birthday? Why are you on the computer on MY Birthday? What time am I going to Build-A-Bear on MY Birthday? Oh, mom, did I tell you it was MY birthday? A new pair of shoes would be a great thing for you to get me on MY Birthday.” Hey ya’ll, it’s her birthday which to her means she gets anything she wants. Which also means today is like every other day at our house.

And can I just say three words which I have just heard that excite me to no end? Simply Vera Wang. Yes, honey, you heard me right. Vera Wang has designed a line of clothing for my Kohl’s! I am drooling over these:

Are you sensing the Ruffle Theme I have going on?

Well, that’s all I’ve got. I’m going to clean the house, pack, go over my notes, blow out some birthday candles, go to BuildABear, get the kids football uniforms and clothes laid out for the weekend, and collect my mother -of -the year award for leaving my family for the 2nd weekend in a row.

‘I AM’ Study Girls – I’m coming to comment on your study posts…I like to read and remark thoughtfully so I’ll be doing that on Monday. I haven’t forgotten you!! :)

One last thing!! I have a new blogging friend! Well, technically she was my IRL friend before, but now our relationship is complete. Her name is Brooke and her blog is The Mail Girl not to be mistaken with the Male Girl. Go see her and she’ll explain. It would thrill her for ya’ll to pop your head in and say Hi. She’s got some good Deeper Still pics and an awesome Loser Mom story up right now…I’m still rolling, Brookish!

Have a fabulous weekend!!