We Got Over It!

I’m not even really sure where to begin in telling you how fabulous the ‘Get Over It’ Retreat was! Can you tell me anything better than lots of Bible, great worship, lots of girlfriends, lots of shopping, and lots of food all packaged in the Smoky Mountains? Can’t think of a thing, can ya? :) Me, either!


I first have to tell you that this group was a slice of the Kingdom if I’ve ever seen it. Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, and the Church of God were all represented by women from ages 20 to 80 from four different states. There were old friends and new friends as well as one of my best friends who my MIL arranged to come and surprise me. She is one of those people who, that even though you don’t see each other for a couple of years, you pick up immediately where you left off. Kelly, I treasured every minute we got to spend catching up!
My heart is so full just thinking about all these women and what each one of them adds to my life. One of the things I shared while there is how important it is to find people to surround yourself with who make you feel great about yourself – who affirm qualities that have nothing to do with externals. I find when I am with girls like this weekend, I don’t compare myself to them or wonder if they think I’m fat. I don’t even think they cared about my huge zit. I know they love me and let me just tell you the feeling is multiplied and boomerang-ed (is that a word?) tenfold!
The conference title was “Get Over It: Being an Overcomer in an Overwhelming World”. By studying the letters to the seven churches of Revelations, we learned how to live a joyful, victorious life in spite of all the stressors the enemy uses to bow our backs and rob us of Kingdom effectiveness. We grouped them into the Sick Churches, the Crushed Churches and the Dead Churches. Each session taught us to Get Real by assessing our spiritual health, Get Right by repenting of any sin and/or inconsistency, and ultimately Get Rewarded by looking forward to the promises made to those who overcome. I want to thank those of you again who participated in the survey about things that overwhelm you. It was a great help in practically applying the messages Jesus sent to each church.
I also want to give props to Kaye, Frankie, Faye, and Connie who worked so incredibly hard this weekend doing everything from preparing all our meals to making goodie bags to making sure everyone had an incredible time. These girls are the ULTIMATE event coordinators and no, you may not have them. I think I’ll keep them all to myself..:)) I love each of you…Thank you again for all you did to make this weekend one that changed me. I also want to tell all of you who attended I am overwhelmed and undeserving of your gift. I will never get over the fact you had a weekend during which you could have been anywhere and yet you chose to sit and listen to me. And yet, I do pray I disappeared and that what you heard and received was a fresh Word from God specific to the needs of each of your lives.
I discovered many fun new things this weekend too….Like I didn’t know it was Biblical to pray for shopping mercies but God blessed us abundantly in that area – so He must have heard! I didn’t know frogs could not jump backwards or why there is now no carpet in the Old Navy dressing rooms in a city I will not mention. That was for you, T! We also did not know The Rod Run was this weekend or how many hooping hollering car fanatics could converge in one place at one time. All those tricked out rides are okay I guess, but I’m pretty fond of my non-descript car, Cindy!! :)
I’ve added a few pictures here – as usual I didn’t get near as many as I wanted! If you went to the conference and have some pictures you want to add, email me. I want to be sure there are pictures of all of you!