Some stuff to check out….

Hello, Girls!

I have a couple things I want to tell you about, some urgent – some not!

1. My friend Gretchen at Quantum Leap is hosting a prayer chain for Annie on her blog Friday. She is asking for women to commit to pray in time slots for this young girl who suffered brain damage several months back. Her family believes in the healing, restorative power of prayer as do I after seeing God’s miracle in the life of Emma. Would you encourage this family by petitioning the Father on Annie’s behalf? If so, please visit Quantum Leap to get all the details.

2. You will begin seeing some links in my sidebar from History Channel/A&E. They have asked me to begin reviewing products. I want to state upfront that I love the History Channel but also very much realize some of the conclusions drawn in their programming teach contrary to Scripture. With that said, they also have excellent documentaries on things such as Ancient Egypt, archaeology, and world history during the period of the early church which are very helpful in my studies. I have decided to accept this offer in order to receive these materials but also to be able to provide Scriptural rebuttals if something of a controversial nature is reviewed. I would also love to be able to tell you if I come across a great resource that would be helpful in your own studies. I just wanted to make sure you understood my rationale behind this decision before you decided I was some kind of screaming liberal. I will never compromise my belief the Word of God is completely inerrant and literal in its every detail. Just so you know.

I lastly want to thank you for your patience in my weak blogging and commenting the last couple of weeks. I don’t think I have to tell any of you how hectic life can get and sometimes its just impossible to be on the computer. Things are starting to chill just a bit so I hope to be back full on soon with an installment of the ‘I AM’ Round One study.

Much love to all of you!