Survey: What is the Hardest Thing About Being a Ministry Wife?

Okay, Girls. Once again I am coming to you asking for your input! Did ya’ll know what a wealth of wisdom you are? Individually your insights are amazing but collectively? My goodness, you are geniuses!

Here’s the thing. I am working on a project for ministry wives. In order to have a complete picture of your experiences, I am asking you to give me your thoughts on the following questions:

What do you find is the most difficult thing about being a ministry wife?
and also
What is the one thing you have learned about being a ministry wife you think a new MW should know?

You don’t have to limit your answers to just one thing. Just be honest! If you need to answer anonymously or by private email, feel free.

Also, I need to hear from you laywomen. Would you answer this question?:

What are your perceptions of ministry wives?

I ask on this one to please keep the comments general so no one is dishonored. I know some of you have had painful experiences where ministry wives are concerned. Some of you have these women in your life who have served as great mentors. The purpose of my asking this question is to be able to give advice to ministry wives about pitfalls/mistakes to avoid as well as what actions make a difference in the lives of the women of their congregations.

I am thanking you in advance for your answers – I know you’ll have great insights that will help me tremendously. You have no idea how much I appreciate your willingness to share your lives with me!

Have a great Friday!!