The Thrill of Victory and the Thrill of Victory

When we moved to ‘Football is King’ state of Alabama a little more than two years ago, we were stopped at the state line and asked to declare our allegiance to either the Crimson Tide or Auburn Tigers. Yeah, okay, so maybe we weren’t stopped at the state line – truthfully, it was the church doors instead.

In the interest of maintaining neutrality within the body, Luke and I held to our loyalty for the good ‘ole Georgia Bulldogs. We have met exactly three other people on this mountain who also love them Dawgs but since we see them rarely, the Preacher and I generally have to celebrate a Dawg victory in the privacy of our own home.

Until Saturday, that is.

Miss Corinthians and her dear husband invited us over with some other couples from church to watch the Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide face off. She made an amazing meal and we had such a good time together! Luke had already agreed, in good fun of course, to wear a friend’s Alabama shirt to church on Sunday morning if the Dawgs lost. We were set for the phone calls, the heckling, the harassment. But, in a move of the Holy Spirit pouring out His favor on the humble and contrite of heart, Mark Richt and the Boys were given victory in Overtime thereby giving bragging rights to Luke and myself for at least an entire year. I was reminded on Sunday morning the Bible Study lesson was on pride – helpful for Alabama fans seeing as they now have none. (For you, Dwave!)

And the Lord allowed me to see a parallel I am sure is entirely Biblical.

Richt = Righteous. Sabin = Satan.
I’m sure the etymology is completely accurate. Based on this ground-breaking research, I believe we can conclude this was a battle of Good vs. Evil.

Did I mention Good won?
I should also note all was quiet at Miss Corinthian’s house. The Preacher’s phone did not ring once. And they all hoped we would forget. But we did not – nor will we.
Until next time, Tide people. Until next time.