‘Sup! Check Out This Gr8 Read by my BFF, Vicki Courtney



Ya’ll, Vicki and her peeps at Virtuous Reality Ministries are rockstars! They must have felt sorry for you having to inherit my recycled ‘Logged On’ book so they are sending a brand new one for the winner of this drawing.

But Wait! There’s more!

Okay, the next thing is so cool, but it is a SURPRISE until Friday when I announce the winner of the book. Let’s just say there are many more goodies in store. You will just die if you miss it. So, make sure you do two things: Enter now and come back on Friday to find out what’s next. This is so stinkin’ fun!

Okay, so Vicki Courtney is only my imaginary BFF but I’ve just finished reading ‘Logged On and Tuned Out’ and I’m telling all you ‘rents out there, it is a must have manual for raising your cell-phone text-ing, My-Spacing, IM-ing adolescents and teens. (Are ya’ll impressed with my new lingo?)

It was only a few months ago that I began to fully comprehend the societal shift in communicating with teenagers. In an attempt to be relevant, I learned how to text and was blown away at the amount of information a teenager will share digitally that they would not dare tell you to your face. I have to admit I am disturbed by this trend and encouraged by it all at the same time. Before this mode of communication, were teens sharing their hearts with their pastor’s wife or anyone else for that matter? Should we be glad for the new line of communication? Horrified by it? Wow, as a mom of a pre-teen – I’d love to hear your comments on that question!

No matter your views on the Digital Age, the fact is, it isn’t going away. Elvis didn’t. The Beatles didn’t. Madonna didn’t. So, our only recourse in dealing with this new age of communication is to arm ourselves with as much information as possible which is exactly why I love this book so much.

Logged On and Tuned Out is the first book I have seen to address this issue from a Christian parenting perspective. It is a call for parents to ‘tune in’ to what their children are doing online. The statistics given about the ignorance of parents regarding their kids’ online behavior and people with whom they are actually communicating were alarming. Vicki also gives a ‘dictionary’ so to speak of abbreviations used in texting and instant messaging. How else did I know ‘rents’ = parents or ‘pos’ = parents over shoulder? The book also has a section of Talking Points and Safety Contracts to go over with your children.

Having all this knowledge is empowering in the same way knowing Vietnamese in my nail salon would be. I just know they are talking about me and laughing and yet I can’t understand a word they are saying! How cool would it be to spout off some line of Vietnamese one day and for them to realize they are busted? That they can’t talk in code anymore because I KNOW THE SECRET LANGUAGE? This is the same concept, moms. If we don’t learn the language we at best will be made a fool of when our kids are engaged in behavior we never dreamed of. At worst, our children will be endangered all because we didn’t take the time to Tune In.

One of the most wonderful things Vicki talks about that I did not even know existed is monitoring software that emails your child’s activity to your inbox each day. Your child may be the good example but have friends who do not have that home life. Monitoring software will give your child a means of telling these friends, “Do not say anything you wouldn’t want my mom to read!” What a great way to hold your kids accountable and their friends as well….Good stuff!

I could go on and on about the importance of this book as a tool for today, but I’d rather you get a copy for yourself! SO – Yay! It’s a Giveaway!

If you don’t mind reading my slightly dog-eared copy, I am giving away my review book, compliments of White Post Media, to a commenter who will be selected by a random number generator. TO ENTER: Simply leave one comment. I will select a winner on Friday. If you do not have a blog, please make sure to leave an email address so I can contact you.

In the meantime, go visit Vicki Courtney’s Blog – yes girls, she is a blogger so don’t we love her even more now?? Also click here for more information on how to order copies of this book. This would be a great gift for youth group parents or a resource for your church library. When you visit Vicki, be sure to tell her you I sent you!