A Lotta Gratitude

You know those little emoticons you see on blogs that say, “I’m feeling…”?

Well, I’ve just posted the final lesson for the ‘I AM’ study. I’m feeling sad and relieved, with a showering of uncontrollable crying I’m not sure what to do about. I’m guessing all those mixed up emotions are my way of saying ‘Thank you’. You have no idea what a privilege it has been for me to study along with all of you – whether you have posted on your blogs or followed along privately. It has been such a sweet joy getting to know each of you.

I’m equally thrilled to just be getting to Lesson Four with the second group. You girls know how to have some great discussion!

I am so blessed to call you all friends. No matter what my therapist says, there ain’t nothing imaginary about you. :)


To express my gratitude to those who have completed the study, I have a button for you to display on your blog compliments of Iris! I’m getting the sidebar code ready – email me if you want this and I’ll send it to you. I’m also going to make a posting for the Table of Contents with a link to all of you who completed. And please, if you don’t have a blog and still followed along, send your name so I can add you to the list. Here’s the button: