A Closet Full of Goodies!

You girls have no idea what a blast it is for me to be able to give things to you! I’m accumulating more and more stuff so I feel the need for a system of some sort so you don’t get the feeling this blog has turned into Review Central. SO – with that in mind, I am setting aside Fridays to tell you about new Giveaways and announce winners from the previous week.

Don’t forget enter the drawing for the Vicki Courtney Bible Study Kits and Books by Friday at noon. I’ll announce the winners as soon as I get the post ready. I know I’ve been going on and on about Vicki, but I’m telling ya’ll she’s the real deal. I don’t know of a ministry that is any more relevant in parenting than Virtuous Reality. Go check out Vicki’s Blog if you haven’t already…You’ll love her Hot Topic feature.

I also have a NERD ALERT! Tomorrow’s Giveaway from the History Channel, appropriately timed with the end of the ‘I AM’ Study, has to do with a very cool Pharaoh and something so very beautiful I am breaking a commandment by wanting to keep it.

And then NEXT FRIDAY – I have a goodie that will have ya’ll squealing like little girls at a Hannah Montana concert. It is a HUGE surprise from someone whose initials are: B. M.

Any guesses?

See ya tomorrow!